What is better than a sexy cowboy in a good romance?  They are certainly one of my favorite heroes and have been since I was just a young cowboy girl myself. And what can be more absolutely cowboy than rodeo?  With this in mind I penned three short tales about a trio of friends who find their Mr. Right during their home town’s big rodeo. These tales have been out of print for some time but thanks to my wonderful publisher JMS Books, they are once again available. Although JMS specialized mainly in LGBTQ fiction, they are also branching out to include straight erotic romance as well.  Here is a link to that site. www.jms-books.com. More about them later.

As a working ranch cowboy girl I did not do much rodeo myself but I was a big fan and attended any small local one I could and a few of the bigger events back in the day. I’ll stick in photo or two from those days below. They are my own very amateurish shots but anyway, just to say, “Hey, I was there!”

I probably identify the most with Jana among the three friends. I was never a librarian but I was shy and unsure of myself when it came to flirting and finding the cowboy of my dreams. But I can also empathize with Kim and Tracy who had both been burned in relationships previously which has made them a bit gunshy.  While each tale is a stand alone story, I really recommend reading them in order because there is a thread of continuity. I’ve thought of a short sequel where the three get together—with their guys—as Kim and Tracy honor their bet with Jana which kicked off the whole sequence! I doubt if I can finish it to post it today but I might offer an e-version as one prize to about the first three visitors who comment today.

For now, let’s cowboy up and find a little more about the three ladies and their three awesome cowboys!

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