Well, it’s not really fat Tuesday…but boy, I shouldn’t have stopped at Mc Donalds for breakfast. :-( I’m feeling bloated and kind of ill.  Urgh!  Good thing I have Tae-bo class tonight! LOL!

Okay, back to blogging…

Since the book I am giving away this month, is Jaded Beasts IV, featuring my erotic paranormal novella, “Claiming the Lamb”…I figured I’d post a little about that by way of review. 

Don’t forget, all you have to do to win a copy and some yummy chocolate, is visit my website’s contest page, and follow the intructions!  Here’s a review:

Claiming the Lamb

by Meagan Hatfield  

Reviewed by – Deborah Macgillivray, Author of A Restless Knight

“Claiming the Lamb” is a story in the Jaded Beasts erotica anthology from Midnight Showcase. Laura May is finally reaching the pinnacle of having her artwork displayed at her first art show.  Instead of reveling in the accolades coming her way, she is distracted, pulled by the mesmerizing stare of a sexy stranger all in black.  She is compelled to this man, barely able to think as he introduces himself as Lachlan Black.  She little recognizes in that moment how this man will change her life, her destiny.

Lachlan came to Laura seeking a special item in her possession.  The man wraps himself in mystery, in shadow, so the name Black suits him well.  His intent was to obtain the object from Laura, then fade back into the blackness and secrecy that is his existence.  However, he hadn’t counted on Laura May.  He is drawn to her fire, covets her.  His hand is forced, when he is pushed to save Laura from an enemy out to destroy Laura, destroy him–rule the world.  With no other choice, Lachlan must take Laura and run.

In her short story for Blue Moon Magic, Hatfield demonstrated she has a strong, visual talent, who conjures to-die-for heroes and heroines who are their match.  In this sexy erotic vampire tale, she shows her strengthening voice, a voice that promises she’s a talent to watch.  I look forward to more works from this very original and inventive author.


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