Thank you for having me aboard this week. The weather here in England is dark, cold and foggy, the perfect setting for a gothic romance!

My new book, A SEASON IN AVALON, follows Posey McGlynn, a woman who escaped the strange and sometimes evil town of Avalon, a town that had never been particularly kind to her. Now, fifteen years later, her sister, Violet calls her home for the funeral of their mother. To make things even more awful for Posey, they’re relocating the cemetery that she grew up in (her father was the caretaker), and her baby sister, Daisy, is buried at. Soon Posey meets the owner of the excavation company, Zee Zemenek, a enigmatic loner. At the same time, she also finds herself a creepy wannabe stalker-beau named Andy Stark, a cop and sometimes sexual sadist.

This book was fun, fun to write!

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