I thought I would take an opportunity to salute my Canadian family.  I know we have many out there celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend.  I wish I could take a drive up there to enjoy some Turkey, potatoes, and stuffing, but I suppose I’ll have to stay here and just have my usual – which is whatever is in the cupboard.

Isn’t it amazing how we wait for special occasions to have nice big meals?  That families often get caught up in their busy lives coming and going, yet never take the time (or rarely) to sit down together and have a big meal?  I know there are families out there who still sit down every night, but I think there are less and less as people get busier.  When my kids were young I was a stay at home mom – which is a rarity these days as we can’t afford to not work with the economy.  My kids are hard working as well, and they don’t stop by as often as I would like – but I certainly understand.

We need to take more time to be thankful for things we have – things we take for granted every day.  I often sit back and ‘people watch’ when I’m at the mall and I can’t believe how fast people walk.  Everyone is in such a hurry to get this, buy that, see this…….it is exhausting just watching them.  And then you have the couples who walk so far away from each other that it’s difficult to see who is with who….and it’s the seniors that you see walking hand in hand.  I love that! I hope when my husband and I retire that we will get to a point where it’s just us and we can appeciate being together….and not want to kill each other!!  lol. 

So think about your Northern friends today and think about what they’re doing with their families – and appreciate your own.  Perhaps you’re alone and this is a sad time…if that’s the case, I wish I could invite you for supper!  Remember that tomorrow will come when it’s ready, things will get done when they’re done…..and life will never be something that is assured, but appreciated.  Man, I’m serious today!  I’m going to have to up my beyotching for next month.

Have a great one!!!

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