Happy early Thanksgiving to everyone and thank you to Coffee Time Romance for having me here today. 

I guess I should start thing off by introducing myself. My name is Stephani Hecht and I’m a romance writer.  Ha!  It sounds like I’m attending a self-help group meeting. I have been happily married for sixteen-years to my own HEA and have two wonderful children. 

My writing career began twelve years ago when I penned my first book. It was a medieval romance that was so awful it deserved every rejection letter it got.  It had every single cliché imaginable.  There were two warring families, a king who intervened, an arranged marriage, knights, ladies, betrayal. You name it, it was there. 

Since that mess of a manuscript, I have honed my art and learned many hard lessons.  One day I sat down and started writing a book about, of all things, angels. That book led to another one, then another one and before I knew it I had a series.  I was able to find a home for my angels at eXtasy Books and the series has blossomed there beyond all my expectations. Imagine my excitement when I was even able to start another series, The Drone Vampire Chronicles with eXtasy as well.  The owner, Tina, has kept me very busy and I could not be any more thankful. 

I decided to blog today about the evolution of a romance writer. It’s a fun interesting topic and I hope to add a new twist on how it’s viewed. I will be also doing a couple of contests for free PDF downloads of some of my titles.  So sit back, grab a cup of coffee and join me today.    

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