Hi! My name is Tara Fox Hall, and I’ll be posting today here on CoffeeTime Romance!  I write a lot of genres besides romance, but today I’m focusing on my Promise Me Series, specifically Book 15, Web of Memory.  I’ll do another separate post shortly on this book, but for now, here’s the cover:



If you like shifters, vampires, demons, with a lot of drama and action mixed in, give my series a try. Here’s the cover of the first book in the series, Promise Me:


Here’s the latest review of the first book in the series, Promise Me, titled “Roller-coaster Ride”  : https://www.readingalley.com/book/view_review/4d357a83/9/a3b5edd3/

Very interesting, well written vampire novel. The couple spend more time fighting for their relationship than they do romancing. Sarelle is a very compassionate character and definitely not gun shy but she kept making the same mistake over and over in an effort to remain independent. Danial is a domineering vampire but he shows a lot of patience when dealing with this head-strong woman. His life is a dangerous one and his way of feeding his blood hunger is….odd to say the least but unique. This is not a quickie so make sure you have lots of time to read it because when you get started it will pull you into the mysteries of their world leaving you yearning to know what can happen next. Not sure exactly what is up with Theo but I’m sure the author will deal with him, lol.


You can catch up with me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Tara-Fox-Hall-151813374904903/, or visit my website at www.tarafoxhall.com…I’ll be updating it later today!  Please check out the contest that CoffeeTime Romance is running this month on their contest page for the catbed below:


Happy November!



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