As Mixed-race jazz singer Lena Aldridge arrives in New York, she thought she left the seedy underworld of jazz clubs behind in London, but secrets and murder seem to have followed her across the Atlantic. After a chaotic journey at sea aboard the Queen Mary, Lena is happy to be back on dry land and eager to spend some time in the city with Will, her new flame, before returning to London.

But the prospect of love isn’t the only reason Lena decides to stay in New York—revelations from her time aboard the Queen Mary imbue Lena with a newfound curiosity for her late father’s American roots. As she explores the city and her new relationship with Will, Lena learns Harlem’s music scene may be the key to uncovering more about her father’s past. And soon enough, Lena even finds herself singing at
the Apollo Theater!

But Harlem is a tight-knit community, both welcoming and wary of newcomers (especially on the arms
of the beloved Will Goodman). As Lena digs up more questions than answers regarding her father, she’s
pulled deeper into Will’s circle and learns she may be falling fast for a man with secrets of his own. When
a body tumbles from a townhouse window in Harlem, and it eerily resembles Lena, she realizes some
secrets might be better left buried.

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Louise Hare is the London-based author of Miss Aldridge Regrets. Her debut novel, This Lovely City, was published in the UK to wide acclaim, and was a Between the Covers Book Club Pick on BBC Two. She has an MA in creative writing from the University of London.

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