It’s spring! I don’t think I’ll miss the cold weather. My family has already planned their summer activities. There’s a teen tour through the US national parks and college campuses for our oldest granddaughter. A few days at the Jersey Shore with our younger daughter. A week in Boston with our son and his family.

I was at a book signing, Authors and Dancers Against Cancer in Perrysburg, Ohio and met some wonderful readers and reconnected with some terrific authors. We were talking about finally traveling. It had been so long since any of us had traveled. We started talking about our favorite places. Mine was a trip with my husband to Scotland. I shared photos. They brought back such great memories.

Ellean Donan Castle was not on our itinerary but due to the weather, a small diversion was necessary. I was excited about the change because the castle is on the cover of my book, The Guardian’s Witch. I think my husband (the handsome man ‘holding’ the castle in his hand) was more excited than I was (if that’s at all possible).


Later in the trip, we were at Skara Brae in the Orkney Islands. Here, too, was a book memory. Scenes in The Knight of Rapture took place at Skaill House. I had researched and looked at pictures to develop the story and set scenes both inside and outside the house.

We were in Scotland in September. It was cold and windy. The ‘green dot’ in the picture is me. I can’t tell you how thrilling it was when I realized I had nailed the descriptions. This is the place where our villain, Bran faces our heroine, Rebeka.


Here is some insight into Bran. Click on the link for a short story about Bran’s early years. Download The Druid Knight Tale II for Free.

Download The Druid Knight Tale II

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