Embrace Halloween with the crying that can be heard underneath the tree in Haunted Embrace. Be prepared to feel the chills, and spine-tingling sensations that run down the neck to the back. While Isabella Reynolds is trying to learn about this Elijah Whick, he is patiently waiting, after all the years, for the return of his fiancé. With each passing day, Elijah wonders if Isabella is the one that he has long waited. This is a wonderful story for Halloween. Terra Kent spins some chills in Haunted Embrace that makes Halloween feel a bit spookier.

I like the way Ms. Kent captures the heart with Isabella and Elijah. With some paranormal elements, along with the theme of the plot, I could feel some ambience that pulls the reader into the tale. The lingering ghost almost breathes life into the pages. The chemistry is lovely between the couple. This is one magical read that is spellbinding that lures the reader into some magical moments.

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