Cassandra Moore is an eccentric, thirty‐something insomniac with an overactive imagination and a deep lust for words. Writing is her preferred vice, and has proved more addicting than even chocolate. Usually, she is found at the computer, headphones on, interrogating her Muse until the poor thing sings. If she is not absorbed in her word processor, you might also find her reading, working with her aquarium, or playing with yarn and pointed sticks. She lives in Arizona with her husband, two children, two cats and pair of spoiled guinea pigs.

Ms. Moore has written a fantastic journey through love and treachery. This racy novel will have any reader on the edge of her seat, waiting impatiently for the ending. When I read this book I found myself enthralled with the emotional roller coaster of the two main characters. The struggle that Kayla must face with her betrayers, and the revenge she seeks was so potent I could almost touch it. The never-ending hope and optimism that Noah feels will make you sit up and take notice. A spectacular read for any paranormal fan, Taint of Shadow will leave the reader aching for more. Sensational Read!

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