My favorite time of the year, and not because of the holidays. Because it’s fall. I love this time of year, when the weather is cooler, and the fall colors come out. We don’t that much here in Florida, but coming from Maine, it’s in my blood. I just came back from spending a whole month in Maine and the leaves had just started to change. I envy the folks up north who get to experience the four seasons.

IMG_20151010_114140_583 (2)We recently took our yearly trip to the pumpkin patch where they’d done their best to bring out the flavors of fall. Pumpkins everywhere, hay rides and farm animals to enjoy. The grandkids always get a kick out of the few rides they offer up, including a train, horses and zip line. Of course we don’t leave there without pumpkins and kettle corn.

I think my son-in-law is sticking out his tongue. This was his first year coming with us. Usually it’s just my daughter, niece, and the grandkids that visit the pumpkin patch.

The holidays are just an added bonus. Thanksgiving being my favorite.  And yes, I’ve already begun my Christmas shopping. But don’t worry, I do everything on line so no one is in danger:)

If you like reading romances centered around the holidays then you will enjoy A Soldier’s Promise. You can check it out here.

Kesm soldierspromiseeping promises is important to Ryan, but keeping his promise to his younger brother David will be hard. David’s final wish is for Ryan to watch over his wife and daughter, but Ryan’s been in love with Shannon for years. This holiday season, Ryan will learn he can keep his promise and still have his heart’s desire.


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