Thanks so much for this opportunity. I don’t know where to start except the beginning which is that from as early as age eleven, I knew I wanted to write romance.

I’m so happy that Lainey felt that way about Christmas Wishes and holiday Kisses. It’s one of my favorite books — though I’m partial to all of them Is that a shocker. I’d really like to know what readers think about paranormal romance. That’s what Christmas Wishes is because it’s about an angel here on earth — though it’s not totally out there like some paranormals. It’s more based in reality than most. I love all paranormal romances. Actually, I love all romance genres. I also love non-fiction which is a good thing because I have to write things that pan out once researched. Since I work part-time in a library as a researcher, I think this is a big help to me. When I’m discovering new facts for students across the country, I’m learning just like them. I’m curious as to who my readers are and what they do for a living and why they’ve chosen my books. I’m also curious who aren’t my readers and want to know why my books don’t appeal to you. Hmmm. Time for tea. Thanks so much for letting me talk to you. I only hope you talk back. (Now THERE’S something you’d never say to most people — especially children

Anyone out there still like sweet and/or inspirational romance novels? I know erotica has taken the market by storm! Which makes me wonder if there really is a place for me in this big world?

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