Technically May Day was yesterday, but since my latest release, Saje, is set on this holiday, I’m still in the spirit of May. 

Hi, my name is Deborah J Panger and I am an author of romantic and erotic fiction. With an interest in fairy lore, I blend fantasy with romance to weave enchanting love stories. I’m an active member of Romance Writers of America and their Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal chapter and critique group.  And I’m proud to say that I am a Breast Cancer Survivor.  In addition,  I am being tested for a rare disorder, called Conn’s Disease, but I’m here to show you that if you set your mind to something, you can do almost anything.  I worked on Saje while undergoing a Mastectomy and Chemotherapy.  One thing I’ve learned through all this is, is that life doesn’t stop after a diagnosis of cancer, no matter your prognosis.   When I was originally diagnosed, I thought my life was over.  No more good times.  No more joy.  But I’m here to tell you that there is.  Sure, cancer sucks big-time, but my life has been enriched, and its brought my family and friends closer together.  I give kudos to everyone that witnessed my never-ending battle with nausea and vomiting, both at work and at home. 

Okay, enough of that.  As I mentioned, Saje is set on May Day, and since this lesser known holiday seems to be fading as time goes by, I thought I’d share some of my early childhood experiences that are also in my book.  When I was a wee little one, I recall making little baskets out of construction paper, glue, etc, and then filling them with candies and flowers.  Next, my family and I would leave them on our neighbor’s porches, knock and run off before they came to the door.  We had a blast, from what I can remember. 

I also did a little research on May Day that I wanted to share:

History of May Day

May Day has ancient origins, and is a cross quarter day.  This means it falls halfway between The Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice.  May Day marks the end of one half of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.  It has traditionally been popular and often a raucous celebration in Pre-Christian Europe.

The earliest May Day appeared in Europe with the Festival Flora-then Roman Goddess of Flowers.  Also, in Germanic countries, they celebrated May Day as the Walpurgis Night. 

During the Christianization of Europe, May Day celebrations were banned and a more secular version was observed in schools and churches well into the 20th century.  This is best known for the traditions of dancing around the Maypole and crowning of the Queen of May.   May Day has been celebrated with the giving of May Baskets-tiny baskets of flowers and sweets, usually left anonymously on neighbor’s doorsteps.   In addition, Roman Catholics observe May as the month of the Virgin Mary and is the reason why a statue of Mary is sometimes included in baskets and May Day celebrations.

On the American continent, May Day was brought over by early European settlers.  Although fading in popularity in recent decades, Minneapolis, MN has an annual May Day Parade and Pageant which attracts approximately 35,000 patrons since 1975. 

I would love to here some of your thoughts and memories of May Day.  And, I’m including a Contest!  I will select a comment at the end of the day, as the winner.  So be sure and participate by leaving a comment of your May Day experiences.  The winner will recieve a $10.00 Gift Certificate from The Wild Rose Press.  Whoot!  Good luck.


What could be worse than waking up lonely on May Day? Finding a naked male stranger with wings in your house.

That is exactly what Amanda Birchfield discovers when she stumbles out of bed to make her morning coffee. After rousing from a faint, Amanda learns her intruder, Saje, is a trinket-hoarding, seed-spreading Woodland Fairy. And he’s brought her a room full of May Day Baskets in hopes she’ll trade a little pleasure.

Instead of fleeing for her life–or admitting herself to the local looney bin–Amanda is drawn to Saje’s scrumptious body and carefree spirit. But once the brief, but oh-so satisfying sexcapade atop her dining room table is over, he refuses to leave. How will she get rid of him. Or will she want to?


Amanda reached out and touched his wing. Soft, downy feathers spread through her fingertips, like a bird’s appendage. The pale skin of her fingers looked darker against their light, grayish-green coloring. She envisioned him soaring through the air, the wind sailing through each feather, separating the layers. Her anger slowed to a simmer. “What is your name?”


“Like the spice,” she replied.


His voice deepened, forcing her to look up. His ice-gray eyes had darkened to the point of slate. His features were fierce, breathtaking and inflamed. Gone was all semblance of play.

She swallowed. “My name…”

“Is Amanda M. Birchfield. It is written on the inner sleeve of a book over there.” He nodded to a pile of leather-bounds lying on her coffee table, but at the moment, all she could think about was his lips. They appeared full and inviting. She wished to taste them and nip them between her teeth.

As if reading her mind, Saje bent his head as she rose to her tiptoes. His mouth first brushed her lips, then captured her in a full kiss. All male and with tantalizing aggression, he parted the seam of her mouth with his tongue. Amanda was lost. No kiss ever tasted so thrilling. Hot. Wet. It was fire, meadow, earth and sage all rolled into one erotic delicacy.

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Well, that’s about it.  Remember to leave a comment about May Day, for your chance to win a $10.00 Gift Certificate from The Wild Rose Press. 🙂

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