Annie has always loved to write romance stories ever since she was in Jr. High, including a flare of paranormal in her writings. Coming from a large military family, she was the first in her family of females to join the military. Eight years later, she said good-bye to the military, but is now happily married to a military man, and stands among the other proud military wives standing behind their husbands. Annie comes from a strong military family, along with some strong women who support their military men, and I found her strength, and passion, shows in her writings. I love her website, and if you linger long enough, you might just see a few ghosts floating around since they call it home, too.

I must say Her Noble Destiny is a sweeping tale that transports the reader into a majestic time period. I fell in love with the descriptions of the era, the castle, not to mention Jaedin and Aiden. Jaedin is remarkable the way she loses her eyesight yet uses other senses, and measures, to grasp everything around her. The passion, and love, shared between Jaedin, and Aiden, spins a love affair that surpasses through time. Annie Marshall pens an exciting tale sweeping this reader into a lovely land, with vivid characters that captivate, and take the breath away, in this rare story of love.

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