I honestly feel flattered if I can inspire people to not give up on their dreams and continue to live at the bottom of the scum barrel. The world is so much better on the outside!

As for my book covers. I have to give credit to my publishers for those! I just say what I basically want and they send it to me for a look-see. I said I wanted real people, sexy people, and gave a brief description of the characters and the mood of the book. I recently got the proposed cover for Cowboys Make Better Lovers which will be coming out in fall of this year through Linden Bay Romance. The cover is fun and sexy, just like the book. With Love Immortal, I wanted dark and sexy, and for Theron to be the main focus. And that he is! I’ve gotten several compliments on the cover for that one. I had it as my screen saver on my computer for awhile, but I got so many wicked remarks from my daughters and their girlfriends I had to take it down. I didn’t like hearing about what those girls would do to poor Theron! lol

In my stories I try to make heroes women can really fall in love with and remember. Of course they’re all hot as can be, but I try to throw as many emotional darts at them as I can get away with. I love seeing the hero squirm and yell and just generally go insane once the woman of his dreams (or nightmares!) enters his life. Yep, I take a guy whose life was smooth and simple then throw a woman in his direction that makes him fall to pieces. It’s fun watching those men go berserk while they come to terms with the fact that they’re–gasp!–in love!

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