Hello everyone!  (Pants from running into the house to start the computer, still laughing at 16-year old daughter being unable to even smile from the novocaine in her mouth…)  Just got back from Saturday morning errands, and I’m the featured blogger for the day!  Whoot whoot!

I have been writing my whole life, but only after real life got so stressful that I had to escape (without leaving my HEA real-life husband and 4 kids) did I started to actually write the stories that have always been in my head.  I write contemporary romance, with what I call a “spicy twist”: my heroines are always strong, independent women, my heroes are always strong, independent men.  They are not really looking to fall in love, but a tumble in bed is usually a welcome distraction from the stress of every-day life.  When THAT results in feelings that come out of nowhere, and force the person to re-think their single-ness, THAT is what I like to write about!

Some people have asked me why I chose to write my first published series of books about the members of a large Hispanic family.  I have actually written a few other books…this is just the first ones that got accepted by a publisher.  I can’t thank the folks at Wings-e-press enough, for giving me a chance to realize a dream and get published.  And though I am not Hispanic, I come from a large Polish family, whose members have always supported each other through life, as the members of my Reyes Family do.  I don’t think that family support is dependent on nationality…we are all humans, and we all feel much the same.

So I’m gonna try to download a coupla pictures, then I’ll post some excerpts from my books…you can always go to my website for a free short story, to see if you like my style of writing, and to read some excerpts.

More later!


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