Hi readers. Gwynn Morgan here. Most of you know my alter-ego Deirdre O’Dare because she has managed to snag the spotlight, sidetrack our muse and gobble up most of the keyboard time for a few years but I am still alive, well and planning to get back to writing more this year.

Deirdre emerged in the first couple of difficult years after my husband passed away suddenly late in 2003 and I came up against a brick wall of a writer’s block. I did manage to finish a couple of WIPs including a book we were working on together (my husband and I, not me and Deirdre) but by then Deirdre’s “Green Heat” erotic and GLBT style of romance had taken off and she was on a roll. I just stepped back and let it happen . But lately my personal muse has begun to stir and a few fans have indicated they’d really like to have Gwynn back, too, so I’m going to give it my best shot!

Today I want to share a bit of my favorite and probably most romantic story with you! The Man in Black was my husband’s favorite of the books I had published before his passing and it is very special to me, too. The inspiration behind it was a real-life couple who were involved in one of the reenactment groups in Tombstone, Arizona. At the time I lived twenty miles west of Tombstone—I loved saying that; I mean how cool is it to be ‘twenty miles west of Tombstone?’ Anyway I changed the lead characters a lot as the novel took shape so I am sure the original pair would not recognize themselves at all and I even created a fictitious place and group for my book. However folks who happen to live around Sierra Vista, Fort Huachuca and the rest of Cochise County, Arizona may recognize some of the geography.

Of course The Man in Black (MIB) is a love story. That’s what I write—and Deirdre does too, although hers are considerably more explicit! But we both feature the southwest we love, strong characters who usually have to work hard to earn their happily-ever-afters and a good bit of adventure as well as the romance. In MIB, the hero, Lawson rescues the child Melissa who has been kidnapped in Central America. Years later they meet again but it takes awhile before they realize their history. A villain from the first encounter reappears and they have to face some dire events before their happy ending comes. Stay with me for a couple of excerpts and please comment for a chance to win a download of this book! BTW I adore the cover…

This book had a bit of a checkered history. It was originally released by a small publisher that folded but then was picked up by Amber Quill and given a new life. I’m very thankful for that as I really do love this book. It got some great reviews when it first came out and I’d love to let some new readers find it! In case you might wonder, when I wrote it, I envisioned Sandra Bullock and Sam Elliot in the lead roles “when” it became a movie. Hey, one may as well dream big, no? That hasn’t happened yet but I’ll never say never!

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