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Book 3 in my Victorian Redcakes series is here! I hope you enjoy the story of my tough ex-soldier, Gawain, and my feisty healer Ann on the journey to love. Check the bottom of this post for my giveaway contest!


 Some temptations are impossible to resist, even for a bakery heir…

Ann Haldene is the most beautiful woman Gawain Redcake has ever seen. A gifted healer who soothes his battle-scarred body like never before, the widow’s touch has a powerful effect on him. It’s no wonder the rugged Redcake heir forgets his quest for a society bride during one passionate night in Ann’s arms. But once he learns she is pregnant with his child, he searches for her, intent on giving her his name, if not his heart….

Ann is shocked by Gawain’s proposal, mostly because he has not uttered a word of love. For the sake of their baby, she accepts, even knowing that Gawain dreamed of marrying to secure a title and all she has is a severed royal Indian bloodline. Now the new bride faces her greatest challenge: showing her husband that their union is more powerful than pedigree—and love is the ultimate reward….


“This fast-paced read is both sweet and fun. It’s rare to find historical romances that feature couples who are of anything but Anglo-Saxon decent, and this one does a solid job of addressing some of these difficulties. At its heart, though, this is a standard romance and not a hard-hitting literary novel on the class and racial system of historical London—and that is just fine.
Verdict A fast read with a different view point than many novels in the genre.”—Library Journal


“One for the keeper shelf…” Historical Romance Lover

“A delightful, sexy glimpse into Victorian life and loving with two wonderfully non-traditional lovers.” –Jessa Slade, author of Dark Prince’s Desire and the Steel Born series

“Heather Hiestand once again pleased me beyond measure with this book. I love the characters all of them…”—Hannah’s Words

At Goodreads: This book was a very sweet and spicy romance. Sylvia, Netgalley reviewer.

5 Stars:  It was a wonderful story of romance, love and mystery. I cannot wait to read more from this author. Jennischell, Netgalley reviewer










His lips curved. “And how long should I continue my program with you?”

“What do you mean?” She put her back to the fire and faced him.

“How often should I ask you to marry me? How often should I demand you move to my family home? I have been looking for houses for us in Enfield.”

“You haven’t asked me today.” She thought about the few pounds she had left, the need to eat good food so that she could feed Noel. Clothes for a growing baby. Coal for the fire. The censure she would face back in Leeds for having an illegitimate child.

His gaze left the box she was holding and moved to her face. “You are correct. I have not been following my own program. Ann, will you marry me?”

She shivered. Could she tolerate a loveless marriage? Or to phrase it better, could she bring a husband who didn’t love her to love? Gawain had not yet had a chance to love her, but at least he had come looking for her. He had come twice, to Leeds and then to London. He loved Noel already. Thankfully, he had no doubts there. She was lucky the baby took after the Redcakes and not her family.

Going back to Leeds felt wrong. She had to move forward for Noel’s sake. Clasping her hands around her upper arms, she whispered, “Yes.”

“Yes?” he said doubtfully.

She swallowed hard and nodded. “Yes. It will be best for all of us. You caught me by surprise last week, but yes.”

He moved his head back and forth as if beating time. “Would you like a civil or religious marriage? We can be married a bit sooner with a civil marriage.”

The unromantic nature of the moment deflated her further. “Will you not kiss me to celebrate?” she asked. “And worry about details some other time?”

He let his cane drop to the ground next to the armchair. With a wolfish grin, he reached for her arm and pulled her down to him. He sighed and set his head against her shoulder. “I should not remember the feel of you, Ann, but I do.”

“My body is completely different since Noel. And I don’t even smell the same.”

“You smell like cake and wind now,” he said. “It’s not a bad thing. But there is still a spicy under-layer that will never leave you.”

She wriggled. “I am glad to hear it.”

He held her firm. “Don’t do that, not with Fern here.”

She allowed him to wrap his arms around her and kiss her neck. Closing her eyes, she wondered what he would think of her if he knew why she said yes.

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