Just in case you are trying to find me, my books are published by Wings:


My website, with the free short story and the excerpts of my 3 published books is:


And I am on Facebook…not too active there yet, very patient husband,4 kids, part-time job, full-care over Mom with dementia, etc etc.  I spend hours on my laptop every day, but never seem to be able to stay awake long enough to write as much as I want to!

My first published book is Never Too Old For The Game of Love.

Tegan O’Neill is going to be turning 40 this year.  She is a divorced mother of two kids, the elder almost a teenager.  She is still not over the shock of having her best friend and husband tell her years ago, that he had finally accepted that he is gay, and was leaving her for the man he had become involved with.  Her kids don’t know why they got divorced…the only one who knows is her best friend Patti Johnson, who is also divorced, after finding her no-good cheating husband in flagrant delecto with a secretary in the coatroom at a company Christmas party.

They started a small party-planning business, Parties by Pat-Teg, in order to supplement their child support and alimony.  When a neighborhood friend of theirs, Juanita Reyes, who was in their playgroup and has seven kids of her own, tells them her rich brother-in-law needs a service to run a birthday party for some clients of his, Tegan thinks long and hard about running a party for just men.  But the money is good, so she and Patti say yes.  A week before the party, Alexander Reyes calls them and tells them to find him a stripper for the party.  Huh?

After spending hours trying to find a stripper available for the night, the partners are almost ready to tell him it’s impossible, until Patti suggests that Tegan do it…after all, she is still slim, and there’s that extensive collection of lingerie she bought when she was trying to interest her husband, before she knew WHY he wasn’t interested in her anymore.

Meanwhile, Alexander is 42, and still enjoying being single.  He was divorced year ago, after marrying too young, and discovering that his also-Hispanic wife wanted to start having lots of babies, when they were dirt poor.  He is now comfortably wealthy, and still attractive enough to be able to pick and choose among available women when he goes out.  He has seen lots of strippers…but never one like the one who shows up at his party.

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