So I guess you can tell by my last post that I don’t do this….LOL  I will pick a winner from whoever posts comments with answers.  Confused with chatting which I don’t do very often either.

I just got back from taking one dog to the vet and the other dog to PetSmart to buy a kennel.  I’ve never had a female dog before and I’ve had dogs all my life.  She’s definitely a challenge.  I’ve never kenneled a dog before either….first female, first kennel.  And I’m telling you, these babies are as expensive as your children.  I’ve decided these are the last for me.  The kids will be grown and out on their own by the time I eventually lose these two (which will be hard enough).  Then it will be down to me and my husband.  That will make him happy (not that he’ll be happy to get rid of the kids…LOL, just all the money woes).

Well I have to run out again but I’ll be back.  I hope to hear from some of you.  I’d love to give away a prize or two today.


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