No, Karenne didn’t let me start using F words on this blog LOL!  I’m brinigng you one last excerpt and new author which I hope you’ll enjoy.  She’s been one of the few authors who have received a good review from me because HER BOOK DIDN’T SUCK! And also it was a wonderfully hot read.  So enjoy my little Q/A with Cynthia Eden, one of today’s hottest voices in Erotic romance


  1. Yeah, we just featured you at Coffee Time Romance, we’re doing it again *g*  If you were Lois Lane, who would be your superman?


Hey—I’m always happy to be at Coffee Time!  J  Now, hmmm, you’ve given me a hard question—cause there are so many good choices out there.  But if we’re talking my own personal Superman, I’d pick Gerard Butler for that role in a heartbeat!


  1. You whisper when you write, did you ever notice that guitar players make unusual faces when they crank out solos?  Watch them!  How did the trait come about and does it help you or are you unconscious of it? (I will try to link back to original CTR article)



Well, I was completely unaware that I was doing my faces and whispers routine—but, ah, now that my husband (ah, whoops—should have said him for my superman answer earlier!) has pointed it out to me, the acts do really help me.  The facial gestures I make when I write help me to figure out what expressions characters would have—what parts would lift, shift, etc., and as for the whispers—talking helps me to write faster!


  1. Tell us about writing for Brava, how are the people you work with? 


I absolutely love writing for Brava.  The editors there are fabulous—and so are the other authors. Everyone has been supportive and encouraging, and, honestly, writing for Brava is just a dream come true for me.  I read my first Shannon McKenna novel years ago—and since then, well, I’ve been truly Brava hooked.


  1. Can you give us a hint about your Demon Bar owner from Hotter After Midnight?


Ah, Niol!  I’ve received some wonderful emails about Niol, the bad-guy demon from Hotter After Midnight  Niol will definitely be getting his own story; it will be called Midnight’s Master, and it is scheduled for release in July of 09.  Niol’s heroine will actually appear in my second “Midnight” book, Midnight Sins (due out in December 08). So if you’re curious about the woman who catches his attention, well, you’ll see her then!


  1. Favorite sex toy and why!


Not necessarily a toy but…whipped cream. As the why—I think you can guess!


Share an excerpt!  The readers demand smut!


LOL. Okay, here’s an excerpt from my current release, When He Was Bad (an anthology released by Kensington Brava).  My novella in this anthology is “Wicked Ways” and here’s a snippet…


“You don’t have to thank me.”  A deep rumble of sound, almost like a growl.

The man had the deepest, roughest voice she’d ever heard.  One that made her toes curl and her thighs quiver. 

Down, girl.

Her hormones were going crazy and her mind was turning into mush. Had to be the excitement of the night.

“I did what any man would have done.”

She shook her head at that. “Uh, no.” Miranda could still see the men locked in brutal combat.  “I don’t know many guys who would have kicked down a door to save me.”

He caught her hand.  Brought her fingers to his lips and pressed a kiss to the knuckles.  “Then you don’t know the right kind of men.”

Oh, damn.  Now her knees were shaking.  And was he staring at her with hunger in those golden eyes? 

He kissed her hand again, and for a second, she felt the warm brush of his tongue against her fingers.  Miranda tensed.  “I-I should be going to bed.”  Alone. Because while her hormones might be jumping on the adrenaline party, she wasn’t about to go falling into bed with her neighbor.  Even if he had quite probably saved her life.

And even if he was sexy as all hell.

And even if just the sight of him did have her whole body tightening with arousal. 

She pulled her hand away from Cain’s warm grasp.  Stepped toward the guest bedroom he’d shown her earlier. 

“If that’s what you want…”  The words were soft.

For an instant, she imagined him.  Following her into that dark room and stripping. 

Miranda swallowed, felt the faint sting along her throat.  “Thank you, Cain.  Really.”  Her fingers wrapped around the door frame. 

He gave a faint nod.

Miranda turned away from him, stepped over the threshold. 

“Just got one quick question for you, baby,” he murmured, and the floor squeaked beneath his feet.

Glancing back over her shoulder, she waited. 

His dark brows pulled down low over his eyes. “Why the hell were you out with a vampire?”






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