People often ask where ideas for our books come from. I’d like to answer that one by telling y’all how Sara came to be. The original idea for Bear came when I started on a series of stories about a ghost, although those stories have never seen the light of day. Bear was such a delighted character I had to give him his own story.

For years, I’d wanted to see Alaska, but there was never enough time or money to take the trip. After we retired, I found a trip that would suit. (Not too much money, and a lot of Alaska)

So, off we went, first on the plane, then to the ship, then to the RV and on our way around Alaska. First we went through the Yukon. And, that my friends, is where Sara was born. As I looked at the glorious country, I tired to imagine how a city girl from the east might react to the outstanding views. I was a girl from a big city in the middle of the country and I knew what my awesome reaction was. Of course, why would a girl like that come to this isolated region? So enter her father.

Then she meets Bear. He is a quiet giant and she can’t keep her mouth shut.  What fun! And “A Treasure For Sara” was born.

It’s available from Champagne Books.



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