I love writing sequels. It seems to come naturally to me, which somewhat shocks me. For instance, I would put in a small detail about a character in the first book to help build the character’s background, and then in the second book, I can develop that small bit of information into a whole story on why that character does what he/she does.

So my creative muse is working for me when I don’t even realize it at the time of writing. Does that make sense?

I have written an Amazon Series, but is currently sitting in my computer folder. I will need to go back and work on them before submitting. For the time being, my heart is with my Celtic Series and the witches, so I am focusing all my time on them. I do write full time and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to do so. My husband supports me while I follow my dream. He is truly my real life hero.

It is easy for me to find the time to write. I wake up in the morning and make a cup of tea and then sit down at my computer to write. I must confess that emails can be a huge distraction, but once I have got them out of the way. I’m ready to work. I open my latest work-in-progress on the computer, I feel a sense of peace come over me. And when I put my fingers on the keyboard a tingling sensation wraps itself around my body. I am about to fall into another world of knights, ladies, witches, sorcerers, love, sex, betrayal, death, life … with all the smells, sounds and tastes of the medieval ages. I could not imagine doing anything else with my time. Writing is my life, my passion.

Stories come to me via my dreams for the most part. Or if I lay down on the bed, I can clearly see where my characters wish to take me. They tell me what to write and I don’t usually deviate from their story. A lot of writers say their characters talk to them. I am one of those authors.

Do I have many ideas for the future? I have millions of ideas. LOL. I have so many, I need to write them down and put them in a folder. I have always had many stories swirling in my head, even as a child.  Sometimes I won’t go to sleep unless I can finish a story in my head. This leads to many nights lying in bed annoyed with myself, but unable to rest until I figured out how the boy gets the unattainable girl in the end.

I don’t have people recognizing me in the street yet, but my name is being widely spread throughout the industry as a writer with great sex scenes. Friends would come up to me and say that they met someone who knew of me and was impressed with my writing. Now may I mention, my book is not even out yet. It is in pre-order stages. So for my writing reputation to fly around as fast as it has is just mind boggling.

Plus, I have had great reviews. One of which is from the Coffee Time Romance. It will be posted in a couple of weeks when my book is released October 1, 2007.

I love getting reviews on my book. It is such a high moment for me and a validation as a writer. They say writers are a narcissistic bunch, and I agree. We have to be to presevere in an industry where you are rejected more times than you can count. So when a reviewer says they love your book and couldn’t put it down, then you tend to want to jump for joy and cry at the same time. LOL

Anita, a reviewer for Romance Junkies wrote:

 Blue Ribbon Rating 4.5 

In order to pass on her power, Adela MacAye, the last Celtic witch, must have a child. After a vision of her death, she casts a fertility spell to lead her to a man that will be able to father her child. The spell leads her to the handsome Laird Phillip Roberts, who she easily fall in love with, but to her sorrow, is betrothed to wed another. 


Phillip falls in love with Adela, and would give anything if only they could be together. To save his clan and end a feud, he must wed another. Phillip does not know that his betrothed is an evil sorceress, who has plans to take over his clan and steal the powers of the last Celtic witch. 


A magical and sexy medieval fantasy, THE LAST CELTIC WITCH by Lyn Armstrong tells a fascinating story of good versus evil. Strong characters drew me into an imaginative tale filled with rich emotions and exciting action. This is the story of Adela, the last Celtic witch, who after seeing a vision of her death, decides she needs to have a child to pass on her powers. Her story tells of how she comes to meet and fall in love with Laird Phillip Roberts, who at the time is betrothed unknowingly to an evil sorceress. In order to save the world from darkness, they must discover the truth about Phillip’s betrothed before she can steal the power of…THE LAST CELTIC WITCH. 


Adela is a wonderful character and quite passionate by nature. Her history is sad and her fears are justified. She is a character that is willing to do what is best for others, even if it means sacrificing her own happiness. I could only hope for a happy ending for Phillip and Adela. 


Phillip is a brave warrior that will do whatever it takes to keep his people safe. This is how he comes to set aside Adela and prepare to marry another. The chemistry between Phillip and Adela is electrifying, and whenever they come together, there is always a heated explosion of passion. Phillip is definitely an alpha male, who knows how to take charge in the bedroom. 


The manipulation and intrigues found throughout the story kept me reading to see how things would turn out in the end. I found myself happily caught up in the exciting action of the story. This is a mesmerizing tale in which dark magic uses intrigue and manipulation to succeed in the battle between good versus evil. Their only hope is that the power of love will give courage and strengthen the power of one small woman …THE LAST CELTIC WITCH. 

This was my first review and I was so pleased with it. For your fan and husband, I’ll post another excerpt in a couple of minutes. ;0)



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