And finally, we come to time travels.  While a part of the paranormal genre, time travel romances seem to get their own special little sub-genre that is well known and recognized.  People either love time travels or don’t.  I’m a lover.  Ever since “Somewhere in Time.”  Sigh…  The costumes, the music, the exquisite Jane Seymour…what’s not to like?

With that focus in mind, and the validation of wonderful reader comments on my time travel to the late Victorian era of Seattle, A TRAIN THROUGH TIME, I THINK I’ve found my favorite writing genre…time travels.

So, now, I’m writing two at once.  Surprisingly, I began another ghost story, a light paranormal inspired by a wonderfully breezy cemetery we explored on a recent cemetery hopping/ancestral hunting/genealogical trip we undertook through the Midwest we traveled south to the Gulf Coast for the winter.  But I already have two…mebbe three…ghost stories either coming soon or in edits…and I’m turning that one into a time travel, though the traveler will come to present day.  A fun juxtaposition of a nineteenth century man in present day who thinks he’s actually a ghost…so far.  I have no idea how it will end, but I know they will live happily ever after.  That’s always tricky with time travel and ghost stories.  🙂

So, tell me, readers!  What is your favorite genre to read?  Writers..Have you picked a “favorite” writing genre yet?  One you can learn to focus your energies on, improving your skills through research and practice.

That’s it for me today, my Coffeetime chums.  I’ll stop by often to read comments.  Remember, a free download of my time travel, A TRAIN THROUGH TIME, to anyone who comments before midnight tomorrow night!

Bess McBride,

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