Since my partner does NOT want to share me with anyone, I live out my fantasies in fiction.(My books are very hot, but I’m keeping the extracts PG rated) Here’s an excerpt from For Love of a Mortal. (Shadowfire Press) Maddie has left a beach party and become lost.
She spun around trying to remember which way she should go. She couldn’t hear the crash and roar of the surf or the shrieks of the party goers. The unnatural silence sent shivers racing along her spine. Crickets no longer rasped in the hot summer’s night air. The Casuarina trees ceased their constant sighing in the warm, north wind.
She looked for the path and her heart stuttered in her chest.
There was no sign of the way she’d come, no dry, sandy track, no footprints to follow back to the beach. There was nothing but a thick layer of fallen leaves—leaves that clung together and deadened the sound of her footsteps as she twirled and twisted.
Nothing was familiar. Nothing gave her any sense of home or safety. A cold trickle of fear chilled her, made her tremble.
She clutched the last dregs of rational thought. Someone must have put something in her drink. She thought she’d been careful, knew she hadn’t put her wine down anywhere, but someone at the party must have spiked it just the same. Because only a spiked drink could explain what she saw now.
A huge tree spread its wide branches in front of her, its thick trunk blocking her way. Two men, arms crossed over broad chests, stood shoulder-to-shoulder, each wearing nothing but a small loin covering made of bunched leaves and flowers, tied haphazardly with a stringy vine around their hips, leaned against the bark.
For Love of a Mortal

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