Wow, another bunch of great questions, Claudine.  These are so much fun to think about and answer.

Am I a plotter or a pantser?

I’m a project gal so I definitely lean more to plotting.  Before I start, I have my characters drafted out and a basic chapter by chapter guideline.  Nothing too detailed. 


Because my characters are pretty dang opinionated about what they want to do and say.  I tried to update Anne’s musical tastes in Breach Of Trust to something more modern.  I love many of the songs playing on the radio right now (I have such a weakness for Timbaland’s unique sound that some buddies call me Kimberland).  Nope.  Nothing doing.  She insists on listening to 80’s pop songs like Karma Chameleon.  My dear, delightful, tone deaf heroine.

So when they pull a stunt like that, I have to change my guidelines.  Not a simple task as a small change in the Chapter One creates ripples throughout the novel.

On the topic of music, the one thing I can’t live without while writing (besides the internet ’cause I research as I go) is music.  It sets the rhythm and pacing for the novel.  Breach Of Trust was clearly country, despite Anne’s love for 80’s pop.  Most romance novels I would say are country. 

Not Invisible though.  Invisible had an angsty Green Day feel  (actually more Billy Talent – songs like Surrender or Fallen Leaves).  A very fast, angry beat.

The novel I’m writing right now is the same.  A good thing as it is the sequel to Invisible.

I also like to write in daytime pajamas.  They are very much like nighttime pajamas except in ‘respectable’ checks and solids instead of Winnie-The-Pooh and what the hubby calls Drinking Dogs (dogs drinking martinis).  That allows me to go to the grocery store to get vats of Nutella without comments from the neighbors.   

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