Hi! I’m Kellyann Zuzulo and am thrilled to be blogging at CoffeeTime Romance today.  I hope you’ll hang out with me for a few minutes, sip some coffee or tea, and leave a comment below.  Later today, I’ll pick two names from my sippin’ buddies to win a copy of my novella called The Third Wish from Sapphire Blue Publishing.

Now, when I ask How Much Lovin’ Do You Need, what I actually want to know is How Much Lovin’ Do You Read?  The romance genre continues to explode, leading all genre fiction as the numero uno read.  But romance means many things to many readers.  

A fade-to-black love scene can be very powerful, but I prefer to learn more about the characters by how they approach one another in an intimate setting.  As an author, I want to raise the temperature in a scene, but I’m very careful -you could even say restrained- not to describe a sex scene gratuitously.  If it doesn’t advance the story, it’s out.  But I do think the action, clothed or unclothed, has to move you.

I came across an interesting statistic recently: 97% percent of the romance ebooks sold by one online bookstore are rated three flames or higher–where the heat level of each ebook is rated from 1 to 5 flames (and 5 being a scorcher; i.e. multiple partners and positions or accessories that Grandma never told you about). Basically, what this means to me is that sex still sells. Of course, that’s one online bookstore and their visitors obviously like it sassy. Many other online romance bookstores feature a variety of innocent escapades. The point is that if people just wanted porn pictures, they wouldn’t bother reading the whole book. People do want to be titillated or intrigued, but they want more than just a salacious image. They want a story.

The key in any captivating romance story is to see the sex as the salvation of the person (genie, vampire, shapeshifter, or wolf … for the paranormal fans) rather than as a mere extracurricular activity. If the author is able to justify the actions of the characters as something that will alter, improve, or deepen either themselves or their relationships, then the reader will go along for the ride. Sex–whether implied or explicit–becomes necessary to the story. Because we are, after all, human.

What about you? What’s your DLR [Daily Literary Requirement] of sex in a book?  How many flames do you look for in a romance? Do you think we expose too much?

Even if you only have time to leave your name, you’ll still be entered to win a copy of The Third Wish.  Don’t forget your e-mail address so I can contact you and send the download of this bestselling novella, which is the first installment in the Shadow of Esagil series from Sapphire Blue Publishing. [btw, my books are all rated at 3 flames]

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