I can’t say I changed a whole lot as the economy faultered. I was never one to spend spend spend anyway (yes, I’m a woman)……and was brought up to appreciate what you have and not worry about labels, colors, being ‘cool’, or fitting in.  Did I have bullies?  Yes.  Did they change me forever?  NO.  I had a great mother who taught me to keep my chin up and remember that there are few people in this world whose opinion matter – and chances are, none of them are outside your home (or perhaps it’s only yourself). 

I still love a great book – give me a printed one!!  I can’t handle reading online or holding little readers in my hand.  I don’t need to be in with the crowd – it’s all about the reading for me.  I love laying back in the tub, sitting on the beach, or just hanging out on the patio…….and having the glare of the sun on a screen – not fun.  Dropping it in the tub or getting sand in it – not fun.  Having a paperback……….AWESOME!

Tell us more about the inner slu… nun, Liane!!  I’m dying to know.  Tell me about your books, your inspirations – whatever you’re willing to share!

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