I am definitely one of those ladies who doesnt’ fit into a size 0.  I hate seeing the cover of magazines and seeing nothing but bones on women.  That’s not sexy, attractive, or even normal.  How many women do you see walking the streets looking like that?  Okay, that didn’t sound right – but you know what I mean.

I think it’s important this day and age to make women feel attractive no matter their size, race, age, or hair color.  I know I think gray is sexy because that’s what I see in the mirror every day.  Does my husband feel the same?  I doubt that very much.  I think he likes looking at the pretty young things on the tube who have boobs coming out their armpits and able to bounce a quarter on. But he’s allowed to look – he just isn’t allowed to touch.

Women read these books (or mainly women I think) so that’s where your audience is.  Thanks so much for showing that side of women, Melinda.  I’ve enjoyed your excerpts.  Seeing as this is your last day, take the opportunity to tell people what’s coming next, share more excerpts, and please tell me where you see yourself in … let’s say, five years? 

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