No need to apologize. Sorry to hear about your computer woes. Personally, I hate the damned things.

Yes, I do like to read suspense and murder novels. What draws me is the complexity of the plots. Sure you know the bad guy is always going to lose, but it’s how the author brings you to the conclusion that’s the rush. Beth Anderson writes great suspense and has more red herrings then any other author I’ve read.

As for planning murders; hmm, I do it for fun. Sick bitch aren’t I? It always makes Studs nervous when he sees the handcuffs on the kitchen counter. Oops! I mean the latest suspense novel.

As for last thoughts; thanks everyone for sharing in this week and please go onto my website I’d love to share some recipes and hear from you all.

Bonnie, you’ve been great this week and I really appreciate this opportunity. It’s been fun exposing myself. Thank you for having me and I’ll see what I can do about those brothers for you. And Darlin’, you underestimate yourself with only one hour. Hehehehe


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