I can’t function without it.  But I wish it gave me the same energy you show in your writing.  I can feel your energy, and would love to follow you on a fitness level.  You would really be great at it – I don’t even know you, but I can feel that you would be very encouraging.  I’d like to hear about your experiences as a fitness coach.

That’s funny about the 20 cents.  There was a girl in my neighborhood when I was younger who used to put on plays in the yard as well, and charged ten cents a head.  She had snacks and everything there.  You can’t do anything for ten cents now.  You can’t even go to one of those candy machines – they all want a quarter, it seems.

No telephone for eight months?  How did you ever survive?????  I would be lost.  How sad.  When I was a kid we only had one TV and a couple of channels.  And I had to get up to change the channel – oh, those were the days!  Now I spend more time looking for the remote and if I can’t find it, I don’t watch t.v.  I can’t handle not being able to control the volume.  I can hear your thoughts – I would make a GREAT candidate for fitness, right?  I would look sexy in a pair of tights too, let me tell you.

I love rich characters too.  Wish I had a rich husband.  Oh, that’s not what you meant.  Silly me.  I got carried away there.  Why don’t you tell me about something you have written that is still sitting under the bed, or in a drawer, something you didn’t finish.  Is there such a thing?  If you’re going to tell me you have finished everything you started, I’ll bop you over the head with your exercise ball.  Not really, but I will be very jealous…….

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