But the running?  I can’t even imagine myself running down the street.  Number one, people would surely head for their door frames, thinking there was an earthquake.  And two, they would take pictures that would end up on the internet as one of those “being caught giving yourself black eyes…priceless” pictures.

What’s it like to work with other authors?  I know you don’t sit in a room together and write, but what happens if one of the stories is awful?  This may sound rude, but I’m sure it goes through people’s heads.  Do you feel judged as a whole, or just by your story alone.  And do you have to discuss with the others what you’re doing before writing, or do you just do it and hope you don’t write the same thing?  I am SO green when it comes to writing, you have no idea.  I can read well, but writing?  I’m lucky to get through this blog.  Thank the lord for spell checking.  THat is a Godsend. 

Hugh Jackman…yes, I like him too.  I love his accent.  I’m a sucker for a man who speaks in a foreign tongue.  Like Sean Connery…..he’s more my age (and speed).  I could listen to him read me a bedtime story any day.  And I know what you mean about seeing kids’ movies.  Now it’s just a chore to get my husband to the theatre.  I don’t know why he has such a fear of spending time together.  I don’t hold his hand or anything.  Between you and me, I’d be just as happy to go and see different movies.  Just to get out of the house is nice.

Tell me about your ‘space’ at home.  What’s it like working around children, and how do you manage to find ‘me’ time.  Or do you get that time?  I didn’t get my time until the kids were gone, and now I’d give anything to have them back and knocking on the bathroom door…….but that’s another story. 

Keep talking…….we’re all listening…


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