You are such a ‘free’ writer, and it’s great you’ve been able to find publishing houses so willing to let you say and do what you’re comfortable with.  I’m no writer, but I’ve heard horror stories about people having their books ripped apart by either the editor and/or the publisher.  Or not having any say in the cover, and ending up with some half naked person on there advertising a murder mystery!  I mean, hey, give me the half naked guy, but don’t set people up to reading a sexy novel and come after me for killing off the characters.

I know what you mean about seeing a house you wish you could knock on the door and ask about it.  I would love to have a big house with a big yard and live by the ocean.  We have plenty of room for my husband and I, but I often dream about having room to entertain guests.  

I’ve really enjoyed blogging with you this week, Sandee.  Please tell me anything else you’d like us all to know before we say good-bye tomorrow.  I wish you all the best with your writing, and hope you get to travel for fun – staying in one place for more than a short period of time.




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