Reading a book way back when, and I remember the author but I probably shouldn’t say……I will just say that she referred to it as the “throbbing member” and my friends and I were reading these books – not supposed to be reading them and understanding nothing – and one of the girls thought I said ‘throbbing membrane’.  Well, to this day we still laugh over the visual of this, especially now that we know exactly what that author was talking about.

So when you go to do your love scenes – how do you prepare yourself?  Do you lock yourself away and make sure no one is looking?  Or do you *coughs* get inspiration first and then write.  Or, even better, do you write and then go make sure what you’ve just said works? *coughs again*.  I’d love to know how you do it. ……….HA!  No pun intended, but hey – it sounds good.

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