You opened yourself up for this, so I’m just going to say it and get it over with.  Your companion has only three inches?  Well, no wonder you have to turn to the computer for those sex scenes!  Three inches would make you still feel like a virgin when you’re done.

*Takes a deep breath*.  Okay, now that that’s over.  You say you can drive a back hoe?  I won’t touch that one.  I’m impressed, however, that you can operate big machinery.  Is this something you learned from a family member?  Have you ever put it into one of your books?  Are your heroines usually the wimpy type – or the ones who overtake the story?  I love a strong heroine, but hey – there are times when we want to be weak and saved by a man with three…I mean twelve inches.

Tell me something about your most recent book.  Where did you get the ideas from, how did you outline the story (or perhaps you fly by the seat of your pants), and most of all – do you identify with the characters?  You host workshops about characters, but we can talk about that more in depth next time.  Give us an excerpt too, if you like.  *grabs coffee*. 

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