21491466.jpgThat is a beautiful story.  I can picture you sitting there, crying while wishing your grandfather witnessed it.  I am refusing to cry – can’t have my reputation ruined, you know.

But that is a wonderful gift, and I’m sure your family understood your need to follow a dream.  I know my husband loves my need to gab – which is why he gave me a computer so I could do it with strangers and not him.  Hmmm… that didn’t sound right – but it’s true. 

So tell us about this first book.  What is the story behind it?  Did you have to research it?  I can imagine researching different love scenes can be interesting, to say the least.  And what about settings?  Have you travelled any to get a feel for a story?  If not, would you?  And where?

I think if I was going to write a book, it would have to be on a cruise.  I want to be pampered, with people coming to offer me a drink, food, and whatever my heart desires.  Like whatshername from Murder She Wrote.  Jessica something.  She was a good writer – loved to travel.  That’s me – only with a husband. 

I would have to lose about 60 pounds first.  And that’s just in my breasts.  Knowing my luck, however, I would lose 40 in one and 20 in the other – making me lobsided.  This cruise is not looking that great after all.  I may have to rethink it. 

Okay, enough of my ramblings – let’s hear about your ideas!  I’ll go back to my chocolate cake while I dream about Sean Connery serving me on the cruise….21497518.jpg


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