If i actually had enough money to do it?  I would make sure all moms who WANTED to be stay at home moms could.  I know all moms don’t want that.  My sister (4 years younger than my 44 years) needed to get out and work at least part-time.  She said she could never be a stay-at-home mom.  If you asked everybody years ago what they thought about me and my sister?  Everyone would have told you that my sister would have a passel of kids and I would be on the career track (probably not even married).  Interesting how things turn out.

My sister has a seventeen-year-old son and a nine-year-old boy and a career most women would die for.  I, on the other hand choose to work my career around my two children.  No passel of kids for me only because medically I couldn’t.  I would have.  But, now I have wonderful opportunities most stay-at-home moms don’t get.  I think if a woman can work from home to supplement the income?  Great.  I would love to help women find these opportunities.    If she can’t and wants only to focus on raising her children?  It’s an old-fashion ideal, but if she can make it work?  Terrific!  And, if she’s like my sister?  And wants to work full-time?  More power to her.

We all have choices to make as moms and caregivers.  I only dream that one day, I can help at least one woman’s dream come true.  I know what it’s like looking for work from home.  Most things are scams.  However, I’ve been finding more and more places looking for women who want to work from home.  Legitimate opportunities.  I’d be happy to share them.  Just e-mail me at kellymcdonough@verizon.net.  Maybe I don’t have the money just yet…but I do have a bit of knowledge to share.

Thanks for being a great audience :-)  And thank you to Claudine (hope the family feels better real soon!), and to Karenne my ever loving promoter!

Signing off,


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