ship in spaceThere was a time in my life where if I had met an extraterrestrial, I would have run away screaming, afraid they would want to abduct me into their spaceship, perform experiments, or maybe even eat me. Yuck! This belief had much to do with the movies SIGNS, and living in a farmhouse surrounded by corn fields at the same time. And the fear traveled with me when we moved back to the city.

It was a fear I had to get over and fast, with children in the house. Except for a fictional movie, I had no basis for this fear. I’ve always believed in aliens, but why do they have to be scary? Why can’t they be sexy? My favorite superhero is Superman, and he’s a sexy ET.

Now, I welcome the chance to meet an extraterrestrial, especially if they are as hunky as in the books I read and write. Of course, I’d be a little nervous, apprehensive in meeting a being from another planet. But it would be an experience I would never forget.

If the space visitors happen to resemble those in INDEPENDENCE DAY, WAR OF THE WORLDS, or even SIGNS, I’d stare in awe for a few moments before I turned and ran.

What would you do if you met an extraterrestrial?


Here’s an excerpt from Satin Sheets in Space, with not one, but two sexy extraterrestrials:

Soaring through the stars had always been a dream, but the hefty cost of a seat aboard any commercial space flight kept her on the ground. Even though she had no relatives she cared about on Earth, she did have friends she considered her family. Could she leave them all behind? “I—”

He reached up, placing a finger on her lips. “Shh, don’t decide now. Let’s spend the night together, and you can make a decision in the morning.”

Before she had a chance to respond, the wall—more like a curtain—parted as another male, wearing a thin white pair of lounge pants, sauntered toward her. With the same dark mane, blue-tinged skin, and wide build, he could be a copy of the extraterrestrial that lay on the bed with her. Two alien hunks?

Part of her wanted to scream, run, get away from these men—aliens—before they tried to hurt her, or worse. But the idea of these exotic creatures excited her beyond belief.

Galan slid off the bed and stood in front of the other man. “I told you to give me some time alone with her.”

“And I did.” Her date’s carbon copy peeked over Galan’s shoulder. “Now I’m here to help you convince her to stay.”

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