“Claudine goes to a Civil War reenactment and steps into a tent to see how the generals live. Once she steps out, she is thrown to the ground as a shell from artillery on the hill explodes around her. She opens her eyes and finds herself looking up into the face of a man she has never seen before. Once the smoke clears, he declares her a spy and demands to know what she was doing in his tent.”

That’s really good! And has great comedic potential. I know I almost peed my pants. I always get stuck on those time-travel ones because if I went back in time I know my first reaction would be “Yuck! What is that awful smell?” then, “Oh, it’s you? I see, well, let’s get you cleaned up a bit then we’ll talk about having sex.” 

I can forget when the heroine has always lived in that time, but if she’s a modern girl, I begin to wonder about those little things we all just have to have. Like feminine products, hair gel, those cute pink razors with the lubricating strips. Have you ever tried shaving with a straight razor or even an old fashioned one you had to put a blade in? I’m a klutz, I’d cut off my leg, I just know it.  Let’s not forget that chocolate was a luxury. I’m sure my station in life would be well below the salt as the saying goes.  I can see it now. 

Barrister: Miss, why did you beat the Duke of Earl about the head and shoulders with a piece of bread?

Claudine: That was bread? I thought it was a rock!

Barrister: Answer the question.

Claudine: He walked by and I smelled chocolate. When I asked for some, he called me a common trollop and I just lost it. Is that a cup of hot chocolate by your elbow, sir?

Barrister: Why yes it is.

Claudine: May I have some?

Barrister: No, that’s highly irregular. Miss, go back to your seat. Guards! Guards! *gurgles* 

Now that’s what I call Death by Chocolate. 

However time travels do work, because of this very thing. The fish out of water, the man or woman out of their element trying desperately not to give away the fact that they don’t fit in. The moments when the old fashioned hero or heroine blinks in astonishment because of other’s strange behavior or comments is always pricelessly funny.  It’s my favorite because deep down, I’ve always wanted to go back and shock one of those staid but handsome devils with my wild modern ways. 

Yes, you caught me,  I happen to love time travels especially the humorous ones.

Laura, it was so much fun talking with you this week. I have enjoyed reading your excerpts and getting to know about you and all your animals. No wonder you use Romance Run Amok, they say art imitates life, right?  Please stop by and talk to us anytime you like.  And just so you know, you’ve gained a big FAN in me. 


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