There’s something romantic about it – yet when you let yourself “think” about it,  it truly isn’t the best place to be.  Sand up your crease, bugs in your hair – shells and rocks scratching your back.  But hey – it sounds good on paper and looks good in the movies.  I’ll take a roll in the sand with a good looking man anyday. 

So which is your favorite, Aleka? Which place do you lose yourself the most; the place where time stands still and there is nothing that can touch your imagination.  I can imagine you would have many places – being the traveller that you are.  I can’t imagine my children enjoying airplane food – though stranger things have happened.  They love home cooked dinner, and had it growing up almost every night – but now that they’re on their own…….I hear a lot of ‘man, I miss your cooking, mom”.  Guess I did something right.

Thanks for sharing so much – I would love to read an excerpt or two.  Perhaps even hear what reviewers were saying.  Don’t be shy – keep on talking!

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