I love to read the genre, LOL. And writing it is so much fun. It doesn’t bother me when people ask, or say, “you write what?” Erotic romance writing has found its niche with publishers on the net, and it became so popular that larger print houses now publish the same genre in print

I love to go into a bookstore and see who’s perusing the Aphrodisia’s or Berkley Heat’s. One time there was a man on the aisle, and when I turned the corner he quickly put up the book and left. I wanted to say, “Don’t leave. I think it’s great.”
There are other genres that I want to try. I’m trying to plot an Urban Fantasy because that genre fascinates me, too. I also want to try and write cozy mystery and historical romance. You would think that with my love of history historical would come easy, but it doesn’t. I have great respect for historical writers who can get it right and make it interesting.

It’s funny that you picked up about Tut. In the late 1990s, I went to London with a friend. We planned our outings the night beforehand, and when it was time to visit the British Museum, she wanted to visit the Roman exhibits, and I wanted to visit the Egyptian. When I mention mummies her lips thinned out and, although she didn’t say it, I knew she was thinking, “gross.”

We split company at the doors and said, “see you back here in two hours.” It was great fun!

I’ll post some excerpts later tonight and tomorrow. I’ll do past, present and future, just to make sure everything’s covered!

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