I am so excited to share information about my 4th book, A Debutante in Disguise, published through Harlequin Historicals (June, 2019).

It features, Letty, a young woman so determined to become a doctor that she pretends to be a man. I have a degree in history and the idea was sparked while researching Canada’s pioneering female doctors.  Dr.

James Barry was a brilliant, feisty and mercurial individual who lived as a man and was discovered to be female or inter-sex after death. A British Army Officer, Barry was posted to Canada, as Inspector General of

Hospitals, in 1857.

This inspired me, illustrating the lengths that were required for a female to pursue a career during this time period.

A Debutante in Disguise is about a man and a woman constrained by the limits of their society and yet determined to make a difference. I am a school psychologist and I use this background in the development of my

characters. For example, Letty may be slightly on the autism spectrum while Tony suffers from PTSD after fighting in Waterloo. Every now and then, aspects of my own personality sneak in. I think this is best

illustrated by Sarah, the protagonist in Married for His Convenience. Sarah writes, loves animals and has a quirky side hidden under a very conventional exterior.

As far as why I write – I love to tell stories. It started with Barbies…moved on to a grade 5 epic involving stowaways and pirates and morphed into small-town reporting (more gigantic vegetables than pirates).

After a few years as reporter/photographer – I mean there are only so many gigantic cucumbers one can photograph –  I switched to teaching,  writing as a hobby.

Publication took a long time but I now have four romance novels through Harlequin Historicals; No Conventional Miss, Married for His Convenience,  Her Convenient Husband’s Return and, A Debutante in Disguise.

I have also written two children’s book under a different name.

I am so happy to share this book with you. I invite you to connect with me through my website or on Goodreads.





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