The technically challenged erotic writer has arrived. You would think that someone who spends as much time on the computer as I do would be able to log into a blog without any problems. Think again. Sometimes I wonder about myself, LOL.

But I’m here now, and very happy to be. As you can see from Bonnie’s post, it’s Blogging with Barron for three days here at Coffee Thoughts. Bonnie, thanks for the welcome.

You’ve brought up one of my favorite subjects, Egypt and the fascinating King Tut. When the King Tut exhibit was in the United States, some friends and I went to Los Angeles to view the exhibit. Talk about fascinating. It’s amazing to me that those artifacts still exist, and that we can see them and catch a glimpse into life in Ancient Egypt.

Yesterday I spent more than an hour looking over the photos posted on the Internet that showed King Tut’s face. While I was examining it, I wanted to be like Hiro on Heroes and be able to teleport myself to Egypt so I could stand in line and see the mummy first hand.

I’ve been interested in Egypt since I was a child, and my dream trip is to go and spend a month there, traveling up and down the Nile, visiting pyramids and temples and museums. Guess I’ll need to sell a few more books for that, though.

I’m happy to be here, Bonnie, and thanks for the welcome!


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