My third day here and I got into the blog on the first try. Third time’s a charm.

I agree with you, Bonnie, about making ladies feel attractive, no matter their size, color or age. I hope that my books do that in some small way.

During my freshman journalism class in college, the first thing our professor made us do was write our own obituary. The exercise, he said, was to make you take a hard look at what you wanted in life. It was also to remind young journalism students that the obituary is the person’s final run at life, their last hurrah, so to speak.

In mine, I was a Pulitzer prize winner who had helped solve social problems and written best selling novels. I don’t think I’m going to make the Pulitzer, but I have faith the part about the novels will come true.

That means that in five years I see myself still writing, with my books available in print and entertaining lots of people.

I have lots of stuff in the wings, so to speak. The Pirate Wench comes out Nov. 20 from Resplendence Publishing, and Sweet Silence, my next BDSM title, comes out from Loose Id on Dec. 4.  Pirate Wench will be out in print sometime in December. During the first part of 2008, it’s Wish Me Up, Rub Me Down, from Resplendence, Sweet Awakening from Loose Id, and Garden of Stone from Changeling Press.

So it’s going to be busy. I’ll post excerpts from Pirate Wench and Sweet Silence later in the day.

Thanks for having me!


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