… and I’m glad to be here. Make yourself a cup of coffee, the mandatory drink of Coffee Time Romance and Reviews, (if you drink tea, you’re welcome too) and pull up a chair for a cozy chat.

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I’ll start the conversation by telling you a little bit about myself. Actually, I’ll let myself tell you a little about myself.

There, now you know I’m an earth witch. Any questions? I’m an open book (and a frustrated comedian).

Other nifty things about me includes my new writing career. I always wanted to write. In fact, I wrote my first romance novel when I was a young girl. It was a tender love story about two birds and, I’m proud to tell you, the book was self-published. I stapled the pages together and gave it to my mother as a Mother’s Day gift.

Next came my teenage years, more stories, but none saw the light of day. During my twenties and thirties the stories rattled around in my head, never reaching paper. I finally gave myself permission to become a self-published author when I turned 60. And here I am, sixty-one and the proud author of two women’s fiction books: The Summer of Annah: A Midsummer’s Wish, and You Gave me Wings.

I’ve learned a lot while traveling the rocky road (I love rocky road ice cream–yum) to becoming an author.

#1: Ice cream is therapeutic.


Why my doctor keeps telling me to stop eating it is beyond me. Without a daily hit of Ben and Jerry, The Summer of Annah would never have been published.

#2: A thick skin is a must.

Everybody’s a critic. While I was growing my thick skin, I also learned how to roar, a talent I needed for number 3.

#3: If you roar loud enough, some one will hear you.

Buy my book!

How else would my readers find my book?

#4: Find a good therapist.

alcohol-hangover-event-death-52507Either Jack Daniels will do or, you guessed it, Ben and Jerry.

#5: Be true to your calling.

Writing isn’t for everyone. It takes courage to put that pen to paper, or key the letters into a computer. Courage and tenacity. When the voices in my head refuse to speak to me, it takes a gentle hand to get them to play along.

This has been fun. Do you have any questions for me? Post them in the comments section. Or stop by my website, tinthiaclemant.com and post them there. You can also follow me on Twitter, Google+, and Goodreads. I also lurk in the corners of Pinterest and YouTube. Heck, I’m everywhere.


Blessed be :}


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