Sasha Stanton has just been left a large chunk of Montana when her father died from an illness he never told her he had. Now she’s struggling to keep the family horse ranch alive with one employee. When her fiancée is found dead she’s suddenly the prime suspect and her temper doesn’t help things one bit. But then she has a perfect alibi she was in jail with the sheriff who wants to accuse her at her side. So barring her he’s after everyone she cares about. If the police don’t seem to be trying too hard to find the real killer she’ll just have to do the job. In a case where the entire town is involved as the gold mine dies along with its owner, everywhere she turns it points to no one or her. She finds an ally in the town lawyer, but trusting him is the hard part he used to work for the man she’s accused of killing.
Jennifer Mueller

Author of historical, mystery, romance and more!
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