You asked, so I’ll have to give you the truth.  LOL.  That can be scary when you ask me this.  However, that being said, I have read romance novels since, well…forever.  I’m not giving any hints as to age here, so we’ll move on.  I hate it when two characters throw themselves into bed with no story first.  Come on = do we want romance, or sex?  If I wanted just sex, I wouldn’t go to the romance section – or the fiction section.  There are other sections for that.

I want real characters that you get to know – so when they DO fall into bed, it’s believable.  Not that they’re just horny, because then it doesn’t mean anything.  It’s just sex., and then it’s not a good ending to have them together at the end.  I want to fall in love with them and WANT them to have sex. 

I do have to say here too that I don’t like it when an attraction drags on.  By this I mean having them come ‘close’ about then times before it actually happens because by then I just don’t care.  It’s like watching a soap opera and having the characters dream about something happening before it does – and they do it so many times, in so many ways, that by the time it DOES happen, you’re like ‘whatever’, move on.

And please don’t have love scenes last for more than a couple of pages.  That’s just nasty.  STick it in and do it already!  Okay, now I’m showing my age.  Keep talking……tell us more about your books! 


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