5823234_sI don’t know about other erotic romance and erotica authors, but I have to be in the mood to write in this genre. Not the entire story, but the intimate scene(s) where the main characters get it on.

For much of the summer, I was surrounded by kids. So, those scenes were impossible to write when I had break up fights over electronics, get snacks and lunches ready, help the kids on the monkey bars when at the park, and remind them over and over to leave our poor dog alone.

On the rare occasion when I do attempt these scenes with kids around, I am tempted to (as one of my critique partners says) close the bedroom door before the scene is finished.

That is why I generally wait for “quiet time” or until after the kids have gone to bed. Sometimes during these times, I simply stare at the screen or blank piece of paper, feeling more exhausted than inspired. At these moments, I seek inspiration in various forms.

It can be a song like this one: http://youtu.be/YVw7eJ0vGfM

Or some sexy pictures like those on my Eye Candy and Inspirational Pics of Couple boards on Pinterest.

And if my husband is home… Well, you can imagine.

But, I need your help. I’m looking for more sexy songs to use as inspiration. Share your favorites in the comments.


Here’s an example of a scene where I originally closed the door, and one of my critique partners encouraged me to finish it. Originally, the chapter ended after the first paragraph, but now it continues past this excerpt.

From my story included in Box of 1Night Stands, Satin Sheets in Space:

“Yes, sodalis, we need to wash you now.” Volan slid off the bed then scooped her into his arms. He carried her past the satin curtains to another room full of white porcelain. The entire place appeared more like a palace than the cold, sterile vehicle she’d expected a spaceship to be. In the center of the room sat a tub the size of a small pool. One of the men must have drawn it before they joined her on the bed, forever ago. She tensed, anticipating chilled water when Volan placed her into the tub. Instead, jasmine-scented warmth surrounded her. So peaceful and relaxing. Such an unexpected night. However, the brothers weren’t finished. They joined her in the tub, washing her with cloths as soft as rose petals, reaching her most intimate spots. A yearning to have them both again overwhelmed her, and without her asking, they fulfilled her desires once more.

She sat against Volan as he massaged her breasts. Galan lifted her legs onto his shoulders, sucking her swollen clit. Her heart hammered in her chest. No one would ever compare to these two.

“We will love you forever, if you let us,” Volan whispered. He brushed kisses along her neck, intensifying the pleasure his brother continued to build on.

She couldn’t think of forever, only the here and now, and the blinding rapture of orgasm. It tore through her body as the aliens struggled to hold her between them. And when she’d relaxed, Galan continued his sexual torture with his tongue.

She shuddered. “Stop, please.”

He pulled away. He set her legs down onto the textured surface of the tub and chuckled. “Not for long, my sodalis.”

With gentle hands, the brothers spun her around until she faced Volan. “Are you up for both of us, again?”

Instead of answering him, she eased onto his cock. He released a satisfying moan as his eyes rolled back in his head. “Bless the gods we found you.” He pulled her against him, claiming her mouth.

Alien or not, she couldn’t get enough.

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