No, that’s not a misspelling.

I hope lots of people read this today. Since this is a blog, I’m gonna blog about something I think is important: Independent Bookstores.

They’re disappearing faster than ethics in politics. And book buyers are the only ones who can rescue them.

It’s not an easy call. The economy’s bad, we’re all being more cautious with their money now, and, sadly, for most of us, including me, there isn’t an independent bookstore for miles and miles. So for a lot of reasons, we order more from EBay, Amazon, discount houses, and online.  But whenever it’s possible, please, please, please, patronize an independent bookstore. Here’s a site where you cal locate the one nearest you.

The Phoenix print book is available online but it’s also in independent brick and mortar stores such as Giovanni’s Room, TLA, and Lambda Rising.

Independent Bookstore Finder:

And while I’m on the subject of book-buying, if you get e-books, please don’t order them from one of those “free-download” websites. They are nothing more nor less than pirates who are violating international copyright. Maybe they’re not making money from the sale of the e-books but they ARE FOR PROFIT. They get a lot of advertising. Most people, I really believe, don’t knowingly support piracy. But now you know. An author puts months and sometimes years into writing something, work, research, frustration, heart and soul. Every free download is money taken away from the author. So if you’re ever tempted by the seduction of “Free” please stop and think before you hit the download button.

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