Well well… I’m off on a tangent again. Plus I learned how to change the color of my letters so I’m all excited. That is, if it comes on the website this way. If not, the letters I see are blue… so I’m not going crazy.

I am focussing on infidelity this time around. We all know what that is. When a man (or woman, I won’t be too sexist) decides that he/she has had enough with the person they’re with and try to find sex elsewhere. That’s all it is, isn’t it? Just sex at first? I mean, they’re not walking through the park holding hands in broad daylight, sitting talking at dinner, making plans for the future, or going to the movies and sitting up front…

No, they hide in the back row of the theatre, smacking, sucking, licking, whatever it takes to get in a week’s worth of love in a ninety minute show. And these people are NOT teenagers. God knows I’ve seen them and it’s disgusting. Or they hide in their cars, talk on the cell phone, or the computer. I’ve seen shows where people actually meet on the internet and profess love for that person. How do you love someone you never met? How do you know if you have that spark? By the way they write? Do you say “Oh, the way you type your ‘O’s just makes me moist. ” Puhlease! How can you agree to meet someone you have only ‘read’?

Being a married woman myself, and a mom to a grown man, I can tell you now that there would be no forgiveness in me if either one of them did something like that. I would not wait on the sidelines while my husband tried to decide if he wanted to spend his time with the twenty year old, no kids, no sagging boobs, no stretch marks, cashier from the local grocery store – or me. Didn’t paint a very pretty picture of myself, but that’s life. I look at the fact that should he do something like this, I would look like a princess compared to what my husband would look like. Anyone remember John Wayne Bobbit? Well, they would be calling me Bonnie Bobbit. Or Bonnie “Cut it”. Yup…..if he’s no good to me, he’ll be no good to anyone else either.

And the other woman? Lord help her……I would make her life miserable too. I would follow her around and make sure she knew who I was and how I feel. She would run from my husband (seeing as he’ll be no good to her and holding on to his precious jewels will be keeping him busy) and I would be laughing. Life is too short to waste it on a man who is so below the human race that he has to find his gratification elsewhere. When you make the vow to love, honor, and cherish a person, you do it for life. You don’t do it until the spark goes. God knows I would have been divorced long ago. I love my husband, but we’re not teenagers anymore. That’s not to say I still don’t enjoy a good romp.

Needless to say my husband is too afraid to cheat on me. He knows how I feel and what I would do. And my son knows I would come cuff his ears if he did that to his wife, or even a girlfriend. So you ladies who take your husbands back and allow them to treat you like a dog… shame on you. We’re so much better than that, so much a better species, and remember that when God made man, SHE was only kidding.

Bonnie (who is frothing now)

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